Monday, March 16, 2009

Lygon Street

Michael Harden is the author of Lygon Street: stories and recipes from Melbourne's melting pot. The history of this famous Carlton street is told in words and pictures - its early development and architecture and the ethnic communities, especially the Jewish and Italian communities, who have helped give the street its character. Lygon Street conjures up images of restaurants and food and each chapter of the book contains recipes from restaurants associated with Lygon Street - a history conveyed by food. The book will appeal to those interested in the history of street as well as those wanting recipes of some of the meals they have enjoyed. A wonderful book to delve into and enjoy.

The Eye of the Abyss

This suspenseful novel by Marshall Browne is set in pre-war Nazi Germany. Franz Schmidt, head auditor of Bankhaus Wertheim & Co. has only one eye, the result of an attempt to help the victim of a attack by a group of SA thugs returning from a Nazi rally three years previously. Life at the bank changes when the bank is to look after the accounts of the National Socialist German Working Party and a new member of the board representing the interests of the Nazis is to work at the bank. The immediate target is the Director General's secretary whose mother was Jewish. A number of plans are made to help Fraulein Dressler but she is arrested before she can escape the country. Franz and his colleague, Wagner - who is also being investigated for involvement in a banned political party, plan their revenge.

Dear Fatty

Dawn French has written a memoir in the form of letters to people who have been important in her life including her father, who committed suicide when she was 19; her husband and Fatty (Jennifer Saunders). Each letter recalls incidents in her life including living in a variety of RAF bases, teenage years, her first engagement, college and working in the entertainment industry, especially her friendship and partnership with Jennifer Saunders and her marriage to Lenny Henry. An interesting insight into the life of well loved actress.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art of Australia

Volume 1 of Art of Australia is entitled Exploration to Federation and was written by John McDonald. This large (655 pages), lavishly illustrated work, explores the development of colonial art in Australia from the arrival of the convicts until Federation in 1901. A great introduction to the art of this country.